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  Who we are... 

Positive Energy was founded by Patrick and Kevin Michaelyan. Patrick--a student of environmental policy and energy analysis, an accredited building performance professional, and a home improvement contractor--manages the operations. Kevin--a student of business administration and tax law, and a certified public accountant--manages the business.

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  What we offer...

        Our "bag" is comprehensive improvements to existing houses, such as installing Roofs, Siding,   Doors & Windows, HVAC Systems.

Air Sealing & Insulation lie at the core of these improvements.

        Comprehensive means that we look at each building component as a smaller system within the larger system that is the house. Some of these smaller systems\components are the walls, roof, and floors of a house.

  Where you can find us...

The maority of our work is performed in northern Virginia. We have partnerships with other home performance contractors in DC and Maryland.  

  Our beginnings... 

Positive Energy was organized as a Virginia LLC in September 2011, and started operations in October.  

  Our mission... 

Positive Energy is a small part of a larger plan for environmental and economic sustainability.  America’s housing & energy infrastructures are interconnected as we look at how we will live in the future. Regardless of your personal views on the matter, housing and energy are large sectors of our economy and play a large role in how we live our lives. There is little that guys like us can do to change the energy infrastructure in this country, but we can shape our own lives and our impact on our environmental and economic futures by focusing on the home.

Our focus is on the homeowner. He and\or she is in the driver's seat, and can maintain the status quo or travel down another path. We believe that he and\or she would have very little interest in maintaining the status quo if they knew the real state of housing in this country.

Long story short: After a few years spent looking at, testing and improving houses from Massachusetts to Virginia, we believe that it is rather pathetic to see the level of investment in how it looks, relative to how it performs. We believe this is completely unacceptable, and have chosen to do something about it.

We feel that our role is to act as a facilitator in ensuring that homeowners have the knowledge and tools required to make informed and intelligent decisions related to their home's overall performance.

We provide home performance assessments in order to determine and prioritize what improvements you can make to increase your home's comfort, safety, & durability; decrease your energy bills; and ultimately increase the value of your home.

We provide consulting, design, management and installation services in order to help you realize the improvements.

We provide our products and services with quality and integrity, because we believe that a sustainable future must be built upon a solid foundation, and we know firsthand that cutting corners will not get us there. Our mission requires that we act according to a sentiment uttered decades ago by Winston Churchill, "Sometimes our best is not enough, we must do what is required."

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